About The Compleatles

The Compleatles is a Beatles tribute band based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2007 they have toured all over their native country and established themselves as one of the best – if not THE best – interpreters of Beatles music. Unlike most of the other Beatles tribute bands out there who try to copy the roles of each individual Beatle, The Compleatles have painstakingly strived after finding the essence of the music and created, if you will, an updated sound while staying true to the original. In doing so, they have taken The Beatles into the 21st century, performing the songs with the energy and musical approach of a modern pop band, albeit with the musical integrity of the originals we all know and love left intact as the foundation.

The band consists of four well experienced musicians who all grew up with The Beatles as a major influence. Without the music of The Beatles, the pop and rock bands of today would have sounded very different. Since The Beatles served as a major musical influence on each band member during their formative years, they see it as their mission to carry on the legacy and introduce new generations – as well as re-introduce older generations – to the music of the most influential band of all time.

The show consists of most of The Beatles’ greatest songs – from the first album to the last. It takes you on a trip down memory lane you will never forget!

Here’s a video clip from a Swedish TV show, recorded 1 June 2014:

If you’re interested in booking The Compleatles’ Beatles show, send an e-mail to info@thecompleatles.com or call Johan Bergqvist: +46 70 401 72 18.